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Property Taxes

86th Session

  • Passed the Property Taxes Transparency Act of 2019 for landmark property tax reform.

  • Improved property tax notice requirements to empower taxpayers and help them more effectively fight tax hikes.

  • Provided $5 billion in property tax relief.

  • Exempted active-duty military personnel from penalties related to late property tax payments.

87th Session

  • Passed $100 million in property tax relief.

  • Secured additional exemptions for homeowners over 65.

  • Permitted homestead exemption to take effect immediately after purchase of land.



86th Session

  • Passed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act to protect the rights of children who survive an abortion attempt.

  • Prevented cities like Austin from having contracts with abortion providers.

  • Ensured over $60 million for crisis pregnancy centers and alternatives to abortion.

  • Banned ALL abortion providers from receiving tax dollars.

87th Session

  • Passed the “Heartbeat Bill” to protect unborn life from the moment a heartbeat is detected.

  • Passed the “Trigger Ban,” which has now taken effect making Texas ABORTION-FREE since last year.

  • $100 million directed to the Alternatives to Abortion Program to support women in crisis.


Second Amendment

86th Session

  • Protected law-abiding gun owners from being prosecuted for mistakenly carrying in an establishment where firearms are prohibited.

  • Legalized licensed gun owners carrying firearms in public buildings.

  • Left it up to individual places of worship to decide if licensed carry is permitted on their premises.

  • Banned homeowners associations from attempting to restrict firearms.

  • Protected business owners from liability if they choose to support the right to carry on their premises.

87th Session

  • Passed Constitutional Carry for law-abiding citizens.

  • Legalized law-abiding citizens carrying a handgun without an LTC.

  • Banned local officials from closing gun and ammo stores.

  • Proclaimed Texas a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State.


Border Security and Public Safety

86th Session

  • Secured approximately $800 million for border security funding.

  • Created incentives to new peace officers through student loan assistance.

  • Increased funding for anti-gang squads and fighting human and child sex trafficking.

  • Passed legislation to fight illicit massage parlors and other fronts for human trafficking.

  • Increased punishments for those who purchase human trafficking services.

  • Took steps to address the rape kit backlog in Texas.

87th Session

  • Ensured more than $1.8 billion for Texas border security, the largest amount of funding in Texas history.

  • Established the Task Force on Border and Homeland Security to enhance measures being taken at the border.

  • Acquired funding and passed bill to begin construction on the Border Wall.

  • Toughened bail requirements on those facing human trafficking charges.



86th Session

  • Created the Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium and addressed school safety.

  • Increased funding for the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

  • Protected freedom of speech on Texas college campuses.

87th Session

  • Passed $46.5 billion for public schools

  • Increased the state’s share of funding for the Texas Teacher Retirement System.

  • Ensured a one-time “13th check” for returned teachers.


Protecting Constitutional Freedoms

86th Session

  • Prohibited government entities from denying contracts based on the religious convictions of business owners.


87th Session

  • Declared houses of worship “essential,” making them exempt from being shut down in a state of emergency.

  • Protected the rights of homeowners to have religious displays on their property.

  • Passed a bill for an amendment to the state constitution permanently banning elected officials from closing houses of worship.


Election Integrity

87th Session

  • Passed an election integrity package to increase transparency and impose additional security measures on Texas elections.


Electrical Grid Reform

87th Session

  • Passed much-needed ERCOT electrical grid reform, creating penalties for utilities that are not prepared for severe weather and holding board members accountable.

  • Ensured funding for the winterization of our state electrical grid.

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